ra-1 Reamp Unit

ra-1 Reamp Unit

Reamping unit with boost and impedance tuning

RA-1 is a small device that allows you to record a clean parallel track of the guitar and then send it back to another amp, or amp and pedal, or maybe even a plug-in and re-record everything, with the same performance but a different amp. .

This happens in two steps, recording and reamping.

It allows you to adjust the gain at the input to the system, and at the output to the amplifier, to adjust the impedance from 100 to 20Kohm to better emulate the Guitar Pick Up. A phase inversion is also expected.

Power supply from 9 to 24 Vdc, to obtain the maximum possible headroom and dynamics.


Balanced / unbalanced primary input with stereo TRS jack.

Reamping unit with boost and impedance tuning
Input impedance  10K
Gain + 12dB
Reamping output impedance from 600 to 20Kohm adjustable
1- In instrument / reamping - balanced TRS
2- OUT amplifier (first stage recording)
3- OUT REAMPING ISOLATED GALVANICALLY. variable impedance 600 / 20khom FOR EMULATION GUITAR pickup
4- audio card in. Record send, 1Kohm impedance, unbalanced.
GAIN input (sent on all outputs)
IMPEDENCE hypoendence variation from 600 to 20 Kohm on REAMP delivery
Phase inversion on out REAMP
Size 11x60 height 2 cm
weight 140G.
9/24 VDC power supply

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